About us

MILČIJA IĮ was established on August 20, 1993 and is owned by Milda Čyžienė. We are proud to be a family business venture, which has been providing transportation services for 25 years already.

The main office of MILČIJA IĮ is situated in Alytus, South of Lithuania, strategically favorable location.

The company has over 150 employees. Our administration office, cargo warehouse and truck repair premises are well equipped and enables us to provide timely and high-quality services to our clients.

The main activity of the company is local and international transportation of cargo by land. We have over 100 trucks from 40 to 120 m3 at our disposal. The company continuously invests in its automobile fleet renewal. All our trucks meet the EURO-4 and EURO-5 emission standards.

At our company we aim to deliver cargo within shortest possible term and highest possible quality, transporting both large capacity (full) and partial cargo. We offer transportation from/to Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

Our trucks are equipped with satellite GPS devices, which allow us establishing trucks’ exact location at any given moment and planning delivery time thoroughly.

All transportation services are provided strictly in accordance with the CMR Convention requirements.  

We also offer storage, loading and unloading services at our new cargo warehouse.

We are pleased to have established many long-term partnerships over these many years of experience in the transportation services area. The challenges that we face in our daily work motivates us to seek innovation and grow professionally every day.